Mark Seale and Jim Epstein

The Company's cofounders are Jim Epstein and Mark Seale.

Company History

Both Jim Epstein and Mark Seale’s families have owned property in the northern Virginia Piedmont for more than 50 years. Over that time, they have seen the agricultural landscape disappear, and with it a great farming tradition. Both understand the difficulty for farmers to hold onto their land as farms incomes dwindle and land values soar. Jim and Mark began conversing about how to strengthen the local farming community by enhancing the local food system.

During the fall of 2010 and the winter of 2011, a business plan was completed and shortly thereafter the negotiation for the purchase of a 33-acre industrial site and 400 plus acres of agricultural land in Elkwood VA finalized.

Mission Statement

Blue Ridge Produce is driven to provide opportunities for those who produce responsibly, in a local and regional sector, to have access to large distributors, retailers, and food service clients. We endeavor to be a part of a long-term solution to bring the very best produce to market.